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We are a member of HLBI, which is headquartered in London, and is a worldwide organisation of professional accounting firms and business advisers. HLBI coordinates the professional services provided to the client internationally, maintaining close contact with HLB firms around the world. HLB provides clients with a close level of personal service supplied at both local and international levels

Formed in 1969, HLB can assist clients to do business in over 140 countries, with more than 2 210 partners and over 20 110staff in 660 offices. HLB member firms have extensive experience with all sizes of clients and types of assignments, ranging from large publicly listed and public sector clients through to owner-managed, director controlled companies.

HLBI is a member of the Forum of Firms and is ranked within the top 12 International accounting networks and continues to thrive. HLBI focuses on quality and personal service, reinforced by regular quality assurance reviews of all member firms, an up to date ISA compliance international audit manual and membership of external professional bodies focused on quality issues.


Over its 48-year history HLB International’s member firms have developed a comprehensive range of services and expertise, servicing multi-national clients across all industry sectors. HLB members have built strong reputations in their local markets, often ranking in the top 20 in their locality, such that high quality personal services can be provided in the principal business centres world-wide. This covers not only audit and tax compliance but a wide range of taxation and financial advisory services at both national and international levels.


HLB International, as a member of the Forum of Firms, is committed to deliver consistent and high quality standards in financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide. Each member firm of HLB International has met specific quality criteria both nationally and internationally. Offering a wide range of services to clients, HLB member firms ensure that you receive the same partner-led high quality and proactive service wherever you operate.

Global Care

Through HLB’s Global Care approach, HLB International member firms strive to ensurethat all aspects of a client’s financial affairs are addressed in the same high quality,professional manner, whether in the head office country or at a foreign subsidiary level. The Global Care approach, embraced by HLB, ensures that there is effective communication both between members and between members and the client. It means that clients receive a timely and closely coordinated quality service at member firm partner level, regardless of size or location.

Benefits of HLB

Partner led involvement: Companies hiring an accounting firm, primarily hire the people. For this reason it is a practice within the HLB International network to have partners closely involved throughout the engagement and in all locations where the client operates.

  • One point of contact: Each partner who is responsible for the engagement in each jurisdiction will be made aware of the main point of contact. This will facilitate ease ofcommunication in order to meet with the company’s requirements.
  • Continuity of engagement teams: HLB member firms endeavour to ensure that the team a prospective client meets will be the same as the one you will see when group firms are appointed – and every effort is made to keep this team in place from year to year, particularly at the senior level. We are fully aware that changing engagement teams can cause additional time to be spent by the client as well as the firms involved in educating new personnel and repeating the learning curve.
  • Worldwide coverage: Our network comprises member firms in over 140 countries who, collectively, have more than 2 210 partners plus 20 110staff in 660 offices making sure that we can serve your needs wherever you operate.
  • Realistic fees: As you will see detailed in this proposal, member firms in the HLB International network offer a wide range of services, resources, and experts, similar to thatof a “Big 4” network but without such high fees.


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